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Military attacks are the wrong response to terrorism

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The Wimbledon Vigil for Peace took place every week from 6–7pm in St Mark's Place outside Wimbledon Library from October 2001 until Covid-19 restrictions brought it to an end in 2021. It began in opposition to the military response following the 11th September terrorist attack and continued in order to oppose the ongoing cycle of violence. We still believe that military attacks are the wrong response to terrorism.

There are alternatives

The Vigil was sponsored jointly by Wimbledon and Wandsworth Quaker Meetings, by Merton UNA and Wimbledon CND, groups which all focus on alternatives to war; Quakers are well known for their commitment to peace, Wimbledon CND campaigns for a nuclear-free world, and Merton UNA works for a better understanding of the United Nations system and its Charter as the basis of international law.

Our Agenda for Peace

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The world could be a better place.

War is Not the Way.

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