Winter Wonderland Parade

For the first time this year, WDC/CND and other community groups joined together under the banner of "Thinking Ahead for Merton" to take part in the "Wimbledon Winter Wonderland" parade. Jill Beauchamp created an eye-catching 'peace dove' costume using reflective strips, Alice Thacker lent us a wide selection of animal costumes and rainbow Peace flags were worn as capes by the banner-bearers. Merton Cycling Campaign kindly provided their rickshaw, which was dressed for the parade with greenery, tinsel, internal lights and its own candle-powered lamps, and WDC/CND Chair Maisie Carter rode in state with our decorated placard, which read "Peace and Sustainability".

Photography after dark was difficult, but we managed to get a selection of snapshots:

Joyce Pountain holds up banner beside Maisie in rickshaw

Transition Town Wimbledon and WDC/CND side by side

Alice Thacker

Alice in her reindeer costume

Harriet and Joanna Bazley in costume behind decorated rickshaw

Preparing for the parade outside Wimbledon Library

Multiple banners seen from in front

Transition Town Wimbledon, Quakers for Peace, Twenty's Plenty, Merton Cycling Campaign and Wimbledon Disarmament Coalition

Back view of photographerin foreground with illuminated rickshaw behind

Auriel Glanville takes a photo as Maisie sweeps past in style

Placard and CND sign on a stick with tinsel

CND placards prepared for the march


Maisie enthroned amid tinsel and greenery
Copyright photo by: Auriel Glanville


Edwin's placard and Rhys in the dragon costume flank the rickshaw
Copyright photo by: Auriel Glanville

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