White Poppies for Remembrance

Armistice Day Vigil - Friday 11th November

Photos by Hardeep Matharu
(reproduced by permission from a South West Londoner article)

Group holding vigil

We added white peace poppies and war poetry to our regular Friday vigil on November 11th.

Brigitte holding up poem

Brigitte displays lines from an Edward Thomas poem, In Memoriam.

Maisie holding poem

Maisie holds an extract from Dulce et Decorum Est, by Wilfred Owen.

Remembrance Sunday - November 13th 2011

Photo by Martin Bazley

Closeup of our wreath

The Vigil for Peace wreath.

Photos by Alison Williams of UNA

Wimbledon War Memorial

Wimbledon War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday; a glorious sunny morning.

CND members

Our group assemble before the ceremony: Christine (with wreath), Joanna, Mabel (in front), Edwin, Zulema and Maisie.

Group seated on bench

Joanna, Mabel and Edwin showing off the wreath.

Zulema reads from booklet

Zulema reads the preamble to the UN Charter: "We the peoples of the United Nations, determined to release succeeding generations from the scourge of war..."

laying the wreath

After the reading, Edwin and Mabel lay the wreath at the War Memorial.

Wreath on steps of Memorial with UN Charter

The Charter remains with the wreath. We hope somebody may pick it up and read it.

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