Candle floating on Rushmere

August 8th 2019

Poster display
We set up our Peace Table near the water, and began making origami boats with attendees and passers-by.
Folding origami boats
Easy when you know how!
Singing peace songs
The Southfields Choir joined members in communal singing
Multiple generations of Japanese women
Three generations of daughters: a Japanese family remembers.
Karl and Antonio playing the guitar and mandolin
Antonio from Italy joined Karl Schneider in playing music
Lighting the candle for a boat
Lighting a candle in a high wind
Launching a paper boat
Paper boats launched...
Origami boat with candle
...each bearing a candle
Specks of light across the water a symbol of the souls that perished.
Children by the water in the dusk
Our two youngest participants.

(Photos by Gill McCall, Dave Esbester and Sue Jones)

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